Commercial / Residential

If you are thinking of transforming your home into a place that exudes luxury then let us help you do that. Diamonds or gold, we can give your home that beautiful make over that's personalised, sensuous and opulent. Our commercial and residential department is dedicated to bringing our services to properties to create unique looks. The only limitations on what can be achieved through our highly skilled staff is dictated by your imagination, so if you need design advice and a discussion about just how much is possible then contact us today.


In an ever more competitive world where first impressions are lasting ones you need something that will see your business stand out from the crowd. We can create and design gold plated products or exotic skinned desk items for you to showcase or maybe even launch for corporate events and functions. Every one of our products can be engraved to showcase your company logo or exclusive mark.


For those looking to travel in ultimate style we extend our services to cover all manner of vehicles. Through highly advanced techniques we produce wonderful effects and style that weather the everyday wear and tear that your vehicle experiences. With our bespoke gold or diamond customisation on your vehicle, you can cruise down knowing there is only you.